What did you say? Depending on your answer, I may have to kick your ass!


he/him & 16 (aries)

bisexy chaotic neutral estp

big ol american idiot

no byf i block on sight

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3.27.18 <3


i'm joseph joestar.

idc if you're a double but don't follow me anyway.

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jack is my epic gamer boyfriend.
(just kidding. i am the gamer.)

we've been together for quite a while, at least in my opinion. he's all the stars in my sky and more to me. he is funny, silly, caring, handsome, smart, kind, and loyal. he's the caesar to my joseph. i love him a lot; don't tell him i said that.


    jjba, persona 5, siIvagunner, almost anything related to batman, jerma/rat movie, video editing/filming, nintendo, working out, being a clown, and more. :-)

    i don't think most bottoms should have rights.